Normally we focus on marketing strategy but I wanted to take a moment to talk about three things that can be included in the process of how your salon functions that will impact the bottom line. These three things won’t cost any money to implement. These are practices that just require a little extra work and dedication to follow through to make sure they are practiced by the entire salon staff.

1) Reputation Management

A lot of businesses seem to miss this step. The manager is the ideal person to address this and take on the job. Basically what you want to do is respond to reviews. Thank customers for taking the time to leave a review. The theory here is to turn a negative review into a positive. Just because one customer left a poor review doesn’t mean that it’s a negative to all potential customers. Also keep in mind that business that have all perfect 5 star reviews don’t have the same social proof as salons that have one or two negative reviews. No one is perfect all the time and that includes salon businesses. Also potential clients suspect something is wrong if they only see perfect scores. Real businesses will get a negative review once in a while. The same thing applies to having a limited number of reviews. Potential customers are cautious of businesses that only have a handful of reviews. If you need more reviews we show our coaching clients how to contact their clients with a link to leave a google review that defaults with a 5 star rating already selected.

2) Book Appointments

You should get in the habit of booking your clients next appointment before they walk out the door. You are losing repeat business otherwise. Make it as easy as possible for clients to schedule with you and don’t give them the opportunity to try anyone else. The big tip here is when you ask a client for something don’t give them the option of a yes or no response. Did you want to come back in two or three weeks? That is the kind of question you want to ask.

3) Answer The Phone

Even if your front desk person should be answering the phone but is busy helping a client, someone should answer the phone by ring number three. Do not let the phone go to voice mail. A big percentage of potential clients won’t leave a message. Most people will just call the next person on the list. Then your competition gets the opportunity to sign up that life long client instead of you. The other thing related to phone is greeting clients when they enter the salon. Someone should at least acknowledge they are there within 10 seconds of walking in the door. Sooner is even better. Remember with the phone too, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

How much money can you make from implementing these three things into the process and rules and procedures of your salon? Let’s just simplify it and guess that you can influence one person a month who is looking at your reviews to come into your salon because you responded constructively to reviews. If you always book return appointments you can at least save one client from not returning or returning quicker than they would if they had to book the appointment later when your busy and have less availability. Then if you answer the phone and catch one new client a month that might hang up and book with your competition instead. Three additional clients a month. In a year that is 36 additional repeat clients that have an average lifetime value of $1000. This is at least $36,000 in additional revenue to your salon each year. How would that extra money affect your business or your lifestyle? Would that extra money make things better? Give it a try today. It won’t cost you anything to do these things.