Analytical Audit

What is a Site Audit?

This is where the learning starts. Before we start keyword research for relevant terms for your website we need to learn everything we can about your industry. We take a look at the top performers in similar cities to your geographic location. We look at the product mix and verbiage used.

We start by performing an audit of your site and brand. We look at existing citations (Name, Address, Phone Number on directory sites). We look at the keyword density of your website. What keywords you are currently ranking for. We look at your website’s inbound links. We look at Google Maps to determine how much optimization has been done. We look at inbound links to your site. We look at some on-page website design and content factors. We look at the probability of penalties and other issues that might hinder success.

We take these similar sites and compile a state of the industry report. This looks at what social media platforms they are using. We track the number of likes, follows and subscribers. We look at how many unique visits they are receiving. We look at their back link profiles.

The reason this is important is that it gives us a complete snapshot of the industry leaders. This helps us set metrics for your site that we will need to achieve for a successful marketing plan for your brand.

This is followed by a competitive link audit. This is an in-depth look at your competition. We look at the metrics of all your competitors so we know exactly what needs to be done to move you to the top. This includes what social media platforms your competitors are using and how much engagement is going on locally.

We make comparisons not just to your local competition, but then compare it to the industry leaders around the country. This is used to create a detailed map that outlines the process with benchmarks and goals. We want to build gradually on a continued basis over time. This is what looks the most natural. Google and social media platforms have incorporated filters into their algorithms to discount unnatural or inflated engagement.