Social Media

There are a lot of reasons why you need to have an effective social media strategy. First of all, it’s expected. People will look for you there. You will generate clients from social media efforts. The next reason is if you want traffic to your website, you need to incorporate social media into your digital marketing efforts. Social media won’t affect your website alone, but if you don’t do it, your web traffic will suffer and it allows your competition to have a competitive advantage. We have seen that broadcasting a clear service menu over social media helps sales. Your current clients see this and it sells products and services. Social media helps clients get answers without asking a million questions. Done effectively it can help your business run more efficiently and more profitably. Here is a look at the specific social media places you must address.


This is the big boy. Everyone is on Facebook and you should be also. Facebook now offers reviews, and it’s a great place to interact with your clients. We even recommend tagging clients if you post before and after pictures with them. Some businesses, if they want to be very active, might think about starting a Facebook group. Every business must have a business page on Facebook. We have seen successful businesses use Facebook instead of an actual website. Every one of our clients get an ad campaign on Facebook because we include it with all services. You also need to monitor the account as if it is as important as the phone or email. If you don’t, you will lose business.


One of the things that we like about Instagram is that you can set it to post to both Facebook and Twitter. All images get uploaded to Instagram and then automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook. It makes managing social media easier. The number of active users on this platform is unbelievable. Done properly it generates qualified leads fairly frequently.


This platform has many issues. It’s a great way to build authority to your properties. While it doesn’t have the same local component as Facebook or GMB, it does work for mobile. Mobile users are extremely important for your business. It is very easy to build a following on this platform, which is an added benefit.


We love video. One of the best ways to increase the time on your website is to embed a few videos. The advertising opportunities are amazing because most businesses don’t maximize the potential. If you are not convinced, then you should know it is the number two search engine in the world.


This platform has the most affluent users in the world. People who make money have the ability to spend money. The great thing with this social media property is that it is easy to target based on location. Taking this medium seriously can generate huge returns.


While most people don’t think of this as a social media platform, it has all the elements that the others have. Most importantly, it is a good way to interact with current clients and potential clients. Ignore Yelp and you will lose potential businesses.

GMB (Google My Business)

As we talked about when we discussed maps, being sure to update the profile here can generate huge benefits. The trick to a good maps listing is to be active here. Post relevant content frequently and be sure to have some people in your circle and some reviews. Most importantly, be sure to upload updated pictures on a frequent basis. Post events or news items here. Be sure this property links to your other properties. As all your social media properties should link together.


Having great content is key to running and maintaining these social media accounts. There are a few types of content that we recommend:
1) Infographics – especially useful for Instagram and Pinterest
2) Video – more time is being spent watching video online use that to your advantage
3) Articles – creating great content in the form of articles is important. No one knows your business like you do; be sure to take some time to come up with articles that can be posted on your website and then broadcasted to all your social media sites.
4) News – any industry trends that are given write up on national publications is great to post to social media sites. News aggregating is an important part of social media. The idea of social media is to share things with your friends and followers.