Video is an important tool for marketing. It is not something that should be left for big corporations with huge advertising budgets. These days, the quality of video produced on an iPhone or a Galaxy is of high enough quality to use on the internet. Video advertising online offers the best bang for the buck. It’s cheaper than any other form of advertising, especially print, radio and cable. With platforms like YouTube, you can target the proper demographic and location for pennies compared to PPC. It’s a crime that most small businesses with a limited number of locations don’t use video to market their business. The positive is because it is not being used it offers a competitive advantage and the price is cheap.


There are so many wonderful things about YouTube. The first is it is the second most used search engine in the world. Users of YouTube are looking to watch video, and it’s an opportunity to brand your business. Using the same strategies on YouTube that you would use on your website can get you clients and keep them longer. A few tips are: put your address and phone number on the video thumbnail; make frequently asked question (FAQ) type videos that answer the typical questions customers always ask; create informative videos about things they should know, particularly explain each product and service your salon offers; think about creating a YouTube channel that reads like a menu; and, group videos together using play lists. Keep videos under 2 minutes if possible. Group videos together using play lists. Creating a strong YouTube channel is a great way to build authority for your website. If you, as owner, are not comfortable being the spokesperson, then hire an actor. There are actors that work cheap and do quality work. Partner up with a local celebrity to become your spokesperson.

Facebook Video

Facebook has moved towards video. The quality of the stream isn’t as good as YouTube yet, but they do have Facebook Live. This is a platform that is great for your Facebook page. It is a real quick way to add content, and it is archived. Facebook will outpace Netflix in video minutes watched daily in the near future so you should get started today to take advantage of the opportunity.


This is another great place to upload video. It is a high authority and having a quality channel here is a great link to your site. Publish videos here and then broadcast them on all your social media and web2.0 platforms to add additional content to those properties.


This is a really good video option for small businesses. It is another must do. The reasons we create Slideshares for all our customers is that it is part of LinkedIn and it is a great way to add content to your LinkedIn property. It is especially useful as a way to create videos using slides and audio. Think of these videos as interactive infographics. We use them for clients that don’t want to create videos themselves. It’s very easy to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a Slideshare.

Hopefully we have convinced you of the importance of video. Not only is it important for effective marketing, but it is a key element for social media and a successful website. The best websites and the ones that deserve top placement on Google include video. Think about it like this. When you go into a restaurant they give you a paper menu with a list of items that you can order, but how do you really know what you are getting if you can’t see it? Think about it as a way to not only talk to your patients, but also as a way for them to learn about your services in a much more effective way.